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Dan Miller

My goal is to die in my sleep at the age of 113. That number is very important to me — it’s twice my dad’s age when he died, plus one year. On my last day, I will be scuba diving with my great grandchildren.  I will not be living in diapers, I will not be living in a nursing home, and I will probably still be riding my motorcycle. Join me on the journey and watch as the story unfolds.

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"Rejuvenating, Inspiring, Fresh..."

“I’ve been a personal trainer for 12 years, and a lot of the things Dan said reinforced things that I already feel. But it was rejuvenating, inspiring, fresh…

I really like the aspect of bringing us back to our roots of being mammals and part of the planet.” 

Best and Brightest in Wellness
(Detroit, MI)

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“With elegant simplicity, Dan has distilled the 6 factors which are most picotal, revealing and exploring these in a very interactive way and offering practical advice.

Hear him speak whenever you can. You won’t regreat it!”

Mike Richardson
(San Diego, CA)

"Listen to What Dan is Saying!"

“His presentation was amazing…an eye-opener. Not only with things we shoud know…how to eat well, and how to live our lives.

It’s very important to listen to what Dan is saying…to help us live a longer, healthier life.

Best and Brightest in Wellness
(Detroit, MI)