Join The Happy Healthy Human Certification Program…

The Happy Healthy Human Certification Program is a course designed to give you a deeper  understanding of how and why the human body works the way it does. It focuses on real  science and evolutionary biology and combines an understanding of what we are, what we  were, and why our current environment is making it nearly impossible to remain healthy. 

This program is more than a study of diet. It’s more than a study of physical movement. This  program combines the seven most common reasons health is going awry in modern societies  and illustrates an easy-to-implement plan of action to mitigate modern chronic disease. 

Upon completion of the program, you’ll have a thorough understanding of these 7 areas:

  1. Stress
  2. Sleep
  3. Water/Hydration
  4. Nutrition/Diet
  5. Exercize/Movement
  6. Anti-Fragile Systems/Hormetic Stress
  7. Connectedness/Community/Tribe/Why

Beyond in-depth training on how the human body was designed, you will also learn how to  deliver this information in a 3-4 hour workshop, a 1-1.5 hour keynote, and in your one-on-one  coaching programs. All digital materials or handouts (including slide decks for 3-4 hour format  and keynote format) for speaking engagements and clients will be provided so you don’t have to  create your own. The same concept applies to speaking materials, all will be provided so you  represent the Happy Healthy Human brand with credible scientific information.

Upon completion of the program you will be a part of the Happy Healthy Human community as a certified coach.

Select coaches will be chosen to be introduced to Vistage International, EO, WPO and YPO where they can market themselves as an industry professional and deliver the  Happy Healthy Human program in presentations around the world.  

Vistage International is a peer mentoring membership organization for CEOs, business  owners and executives of small to mid-size businesses. Founded in 1957, Vistage has more  than 22,000 members in 20 countries. 

YPO (formerly Young Presidents’ Organization) is an invitation-only global network of young  chief executives with approximately 27,000 members in more than 130 countries.

What you get out of becoming a certified Happy Healthy Human coach will vary depending on  your effort, drive, and the size of your goals. Some will choose to use these new skills to market  themselves in their home market while others will take to larger stages around the world. You  will be learning the same skills Dan developed after starting this program less than 8 years ago. He went from charging his clients $100 per month to charging upwards of $8,500 PER HOUR  for his keynotes and workshops. Everything involved in creating and sustaining a public speaking business based on the Happy Healthy Human program will be covered in this  certification course.  

Dan is actively pursuing a book contract with a national publishing house! His book will be  launching in late 2022. The book will generate lots of global media and Dan will spend most of  next year speaking and appearing on TV and podcasts promoting the book. If you want the  opportunity to capitalize on this wave of attention, this is the ideal time to get certified.


June 1-2, 2022, Minneapolis, MN Area

Prequisites: Any recognized certificate or degree in any health and wellness field including but not limited to  personal training, nutrition, exercise science, physical therapy, psychology, dietician,  chiropractor, doctor, or any other degree or certificate based on program administrators  discretion.


You will be required to read, know, understand, answer questions on, and articulate all of the  information in the curriculum—Happy Healthy Human principles, books, podcasts, studies—in  an intelligent manner.


  1. The Happy Healthy Human program guide.
  2. Required reading list (complete with podcasts and scientific studies).
  3. Guidance with learning the curriculum and answers to any questions you may have.
  4. Access to Dan’s full presentation, program guide, additional support guide and expanded  reading list.
  5. Two days of world-class coaching, training, and testing from Dan himself to achieve your  certificate.
  6. Breakfast and lunch during our live training together.
  7. Three months of mentoring and coaching with monthly follow-up after you’re certified.
  8. Basic principles of public speaking and plenty of practice will be provided for the live event  and follow-up coaching.
  9. You will be added to a list of available coaches or presenters on

*Included in the cost of the program fee you pay at checkout.



  1. Airfare to and from Minneapolis, MN for the live training.
  2. All meals other than breakfast and lunch during our live training time.
  3. Hotel and transportation.
  4. Books listed on the course curriculum.
  5. Commitment to the program. This IS NOT an easy program! You will have to read, learn, and retain  thousands of pages of information and be able to talk with and answer questions from other  knowledgeable peers on the subjects above. You will also be required to develop your skills as  a world-class public speaker. This course IS NOT for those who want to dabble in health and fitness as a hobby. This course IS for those who want to transform their lives, their businesses, and their future in  helping others get fit, happy, healthy, and extend their lives.

*These costs are in addition to the program fee paid at checkout.


Space is extremely limited for this event!

We only have 100 positions open for this training!

*As with any program, there is no guarantee of income upon completion of this certification course. There is a very  small chance that some of you will not be able to complete the certification. If this is the case, please understand  there are no refunds offered. While Dan will be with you through the entire process, your success is determined by  you and your efforts and is not guaranteed.