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“Best Health & Wellness Speaker I’ve Ever Seen!”


Dan Miller is one of the most sought-after speakers in America.

Last year, he keynoted over 150 events.

This year, he’s booked to deliver 150 more, and his schedule runs well into 2024.

Recently, Dan was voted Speaker of the Year by members of Vistage, the world’s leading executive coaching organization with 23,000+ members in 20 countries.

Teaching others to live their best life is one of Dan’s passions and he’s taken that passion around the globe.

He has presented his life-changing program to executives and their companies across North America, South America, Australia, and Asia. Thousands of people hear his interactive, engaging, and sometimes funny (at least he thinks so) message each year.

Dan can accommidate any size group and speaks on a wide range of health and wellness topics ranging from eliminating workplace stress, nutrition and diseases of modern humans, and his favorite, Happy Healthy Human!

What People Are Saying…

"I have now lost over 30 lbs!"

“Thanks again for such a great presentation at the Vistage International meeting in New Jersey last month.

Your healthy-eating message really resonated with me as I have now lost over 30lbs in total. Majority by healthier eating – just elimination of all the sugar I used to devour.”

Richard V.
New York, NY

"We have lost at least 300 lbs"

Your name is a fixture in my groups.  You made a profound impact.  Collectively we have lost at least 300 lbs.

Imagine how much lighter the earth is today because of you.  Honestly, barely a day goes by without me thinking of you.  I am as lean as I have been in 20 years.

And sex is amazing.  Thank you.

Dan G.
Boston, MA

"Impactful...Life Changing..."

“Best most comprehensive and easy to understand health and wellness speaker I’ve ever seen.  Deep knowledge based on facts not trends.

Truly remarkable. Hands down the most impactful life changing Vistage speaker of all time.

Vistage Member
Philadelphia, PA

"In my top 3 presentations over 11 years"

Assuming the materials are of like excellence to the actual presentation and Q&A this is in my top 3 Vistage presentations in over 11 years as a member.

Vistage Member
Philadelphia, PA

"Invaluable content..."

An extraordinary speaker with invaluable content.  I would go watch it again the very next day, because it was so rich.

And he’s so dynamic and yet very gracious.

Vistage Member
Philadelphia, PA

"Potentially life saving..."

Dan’s material was clear, usable and important.  He was very professional and engaging with the group, good humor and potentially life saving material.

My members thought he was possibly the best speaker we have ever had.”

Bradford Roller, Vistage Chair
Cleveland, OH

"Simple...down to earth...compelling"

He presents his ideas in a simple outline and expresses himself in a very down to earth, natural, yet compelling way. 

He covers all the key actions we should be taking to lead a full and healthy life for as long as we possibly can.”

Bill B.
Raleigh, NC

"The members loved him..."

Dan just spoke at my Vistage peer-groups of CEOs and Senior Executives about what it takes to be “Ultra-Human”, and the members loved him.


Because with elegant simplicity he has distilled the 6 factors which are most pivotal, revealing and exploring these in a very interactive way and offering practical advice.”

Mike R.
San Diego, CA

"A life-changing talk!"

He was very inspiring.

It inspires me to eat better and I am always working on that.

I hope to take that away as a life-changing talk from him

Best & Brightest in Wellness
Detroit, MI

"I personally lost 20 lbs and several inches!"

I can’t say enough about the simplicity and power of Dan’s talk to my Executive Group.

I personally lost 20 pounds and several inches from my waist.  I feel so much better with increased energy, eyesight, memory, and lower blood pressure. 

Dan delivered one of the best if not the best Vistage Speaker talks I have ever heard. I highly recommend Dan. You will not be disappointed!!!!!

Malcolm Brignac
Executive Chair – Vistage International, Personal Client 

"Easy to understand and follow."

Dan was very engaging with my Vistage Board.  He took the Members and guests through the various things they could do to improve their nutrition and health. There were specific action steps for them to take. He continued to answer questions during our lunch. 

If you want a speaker on health and nutrition I would recommend Dan.  I was proud to present him with the Vistage Speaker Above and Beyond Award.  I thought Dan did a great job presenting a complex subject in layman’s terms that was easy to understand and follow.”

Robert Vedral
Executive Chair – Vistage International


"Simple, effective solutions"

“His talk was informative, enlightening, and entertaining.  Everyone in the group took home at least one tidbit that they could implement to move the needle to a healthier lifestyle. 

Dan does not judge.  He offers simple effective solutions.  I encourage you to book Dan to speak to your organizations or companies. You will not be disappointed!”

Jon Jennings
Executive Chair – Vistage International, Executive Client


"Sparked a total health focus"

I often measure a speaker’s success based on how much my members still talk about her/him the next month.

Dan hit it out of the park with my 3 groups.  He got all of them super engaged and sparked a total health focus that is lasting for a good month already. 

His energy is great and we love the way he engages the groups.  I highly recommend you put him on your schedule!!

Niels Johnson-Lameijer 
Executive Chair – Vistage International, Executive Client


"A terrific catalyst for successful and enduring life change"

“Dan is one of the most compelling and engaging speakers I have experienced.  What separates him from the rest? 

Dan is there for you, not himself – he is not selling, he is giving.  Dan is passionate and purposeful about his message, which is portrayed in a humble yet powerful way. 

It is evident that his depth of knowledge, care and experience are the reasons why he is a terrific catalyst for successful and enduring life change.

Amy Brodsky
Founder – Sky Partners
Executive Chair – Vistage International, Executive Client