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Meet Christina… 

As a published author at age 17, Christina Wenman is an accomplished entrepreneur destined to improve the human condition. Her book, “Success Through Your Eyes: Learning from Your World to Find Your Way” explores the most important questions to ask yourself on your
journey of success.

From an early age, Christina had a knack for asking deep and meaningful questions. Even around her high school lunch table, she instituted “Stina’s Question of the Day!”. She challenged her friends and family to think about what was most important to them. With an entrepreneurial spirit and committed to making it on her own, she invested her life savings into researching, writing, and publishing her book to help others gain a new perspective of success in their own lives.

Understanding the journey of success from a teen’s perspective proved to be a valuable tool in the world of Career Education and is currently used as high school curriculum
to help young people find their path to their own definition of success.

As a Happy Healthy Human coach, Christina has a passion for helping clients live longer, higher quality lives as human animals. She seeks to help people understand how they can improve
their health; the kind you can see, but more importantly the kind you cannot. Her mission is to help people learn how to get closer to what nature intended for our bodies and live their life to the fullest; not only using their physical body, but the power of the mind. Christina is confident
that with knowledge and application of the Happy Healthy Human program, businesses have the power to positively change culture, productivity, and health of their employees.

Christina graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a degree in Human Resources and Psychology, while continuing to participate in speaking engagements. She has been featured on Wisconsin Public Radio, the Life Leadership Edge Series, and as a
student panel expert in the nationwide Action-Packed Leadership program. She is currently a Talent Specialist with Church Mutual Insurance Company with a passion to help their employees become happy, healthy humans.

Christina practices jiu jitsu and muay thai, and is a hula hoop champion. She most recently developed a program to challenge herself and others to break through comfort limits we create in our mind. We are built to do more than we think we can – and she can help you learn how.