More About Christina…

Meet Christina… 

As a wellness coach and yoga instructor, I am passionate about helping others live long, disease-free lives through one on one and group coaching, speaking, live and virtual workshops, private and group yoga instruction, guided meditation and Reiki.

After three kids I was exhausted trying to get the weight off and find myself again. All the tricks I used before—low carb, intense cardio, calorie reduction, were not working. As a mom and business owner I was frustrated I couldn’t master this area of my life and I felt like a failure. Can you relate?

The Happy Healthy Human Program quieted all the noise and made things simple and enjoyable. Yes! Can you believe our personal wellness is something we can enjoy?  Before, I was so focused on weight loss and not on gaining health. There is a big difference! When I shifted my focus to building a better human I noticed changes right away—not just weight loss but more energy, better sleep, agility and clearer mind.

HHH helped me let go of the restrictive, deprivation mindset diet culture enforces to one of abundance, joy and freedom.  After years of pain and suboptimal health, with a family history of cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure, I experienced firsthand the benefits of living a life closer to what nature designed for me and you can too.

Let me walk beside you on your wellness journey. It may not always be easy, but I can help make it real simple.  A happier, healthier you is closer and more attainable than you think.