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Meet Dr. Robert Shire

Keynote and Vistage Resource speaker, Dr. Robert Shire, works with employees of corporations and members of associations to inform and empower.

Dr. Shire has a passion for engaging with audiences in person or remotely online.   His intention is to inspire and galvanize people to reach greater levels of health, productivity and peace of mind. His dynamic presentations include mind and body exercises so the audience can experience the material presented first-hand. 

A practicing Doctor of Chiropractic for 25 years, Dr. Shire is well experienced in areas relating to stress and the body’s natural health and healing potential. He offers insights and guidance while providing practical takeaways people can benefit from immediately. 

Ultimately his goal is to alert people to how the choices they make can and will have a dramatic impact on their overall success – physically, biochemically and emotionally. Dr Shire’s message is serious yet his sense of humor is disarming. 

When he is not in front of an audience, Dr. Shire can be found at his Manhattan or Westchester Chiropractic offices, jamming with his rock ‘n roll band, meditating, or appreciating travel adventures with his family. 

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