More About Alyssa…

“Young… Vibrant… Intelligent”


With young vibrance and diligence, Alyssa seeks to highlight the importance of both mental and physical strength in the ever-expanding discussion on health and wellness; regardless of work title or position in this world, our bodily systems all deal with some external pressure—toxins, unhealthy relationships, sedentary lifestyles, junk food, and more—as well as the internal pressure and stress we put ourselves through.

Starting out with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Neuroscience focus, it was obvious early on that only a scientific approach would quench her desire to study human behavior and mental health. Said desire to learn about strong ethical research led her to complete two years in a campus research lab in which she was able to manage various studies and projects among her peers.

In line with other developing interests in nutrition and physical wellness, this research experience in human behavior and psychology led Alyssa to pursue a PhD program that focused on human eating behavior. The years spent in the Nutritional Sciences program contribute to much of the nutritional knowledge she uses daily in her one-on-one coaching.

Alyssa then moved on to follow her competitive hobby into another career path when nutritional studies were no longer enough. In 2016, she competed at a Natural Bodybuilding Competition and won her pro card. This led her to become certified as a Personal Trainer through the NationalAcademy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Outside the gym, Alyssa has been a local performer for several years; lending well to the passion to speak about the importance of health and wellness. Throughout high school and college, she performed in several musicals, local talent shows, and an a-cappella group—taking home several awards.

Ultimately, Alyssa’s experience with human behavior, nutritional science, and physical performance imparts an extremely capable platform to educate, coach, and inspire a wide range of audiences to achieve long-term health.