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Meet Sammy… 

I have been where you are, clicking around online, wondering if there is a way to make it happen. Seeking for a way to make a change from an unhealthy, unhappy lifestyle to living a happier life while being full of energy, feeling motivated and encouraged by the progress I’ve made over the past several years and striving to live as a healthy person.

My story may be similar to yours. As a four sport athlete in high school, I was always active and full of energy. Although I may not have been sculpted of marble and modeled after a statue of a Greek god, I was seemingly healthy and in “good shape”. Fast forward to college and I met a few new friends. Those friends were alcohol, fast food, late night parties and other influences that impacted my life with short-term happiness, but long-term detriment to my health. I remained active, playing in a variety of sport leagues, most of the time celebrating a win or contemplating a loss by throwing back a few cold ones or heading out for a bite and a night out on the town. Little did I know this was a trend that would continue long past the college dorm room.

After entering the professional workforce, I found myself in a low-paying, entry level job that supported my previous habits of late-night parties, eating low quality food and surrounding myself with people who supported this habit. Not all things were terrible, as a lot of my friends I found during this time are still some of my closest allies. I even met my wife during this time. The fact was, I wasn’t focused on my wellness at all… and it was about to catch up to me.

One random day I woke up for work and as I typically did, popped some medications for high blood pressure and shook off a night of staying up too late and having a few too many. I stepped on the scale outside the shower before beginning my morning routine.

The scale had a long red pointer that circled around to notate body weight. This was a routine I did daily, but this day was different. This time, the long red pointer stopped moving and stopped moving for the wrong reason. The needle had nowhere else to go, it literally stopped because there was a pin it hit at the largest number it could register.

That number was 299 pounds. There’s no telling how much further it would have continued, but in my best estimation, I was probably closer to 315 pounds.

From graduating high school at a somewhat svelte 195, I had ballooned to an enormous human. This didn’t happen overnight, but it didn’t register until this moment. I had become an overweight and unhealthy human. And I did it all to myself without even noticing.

At that moment I chose to do something different. I decided this was not how I was going to continue on living. My family history often took two paths to the cemetery… either dropping dead of a heart attack or some form of cardiovascular disease, or by taking the mental plunge into the world of dementia or other memory-loss diseases. I thought it would be a much easier road to “go crazy” than to feel the pain of a heart attack or stroke.

And that day is when I got to work. It took a while to figure out what I needed to do. So there I was, “researching” online. I saw all the crazy ideas, but I didn’t build my plan to do it the easy way. There were no surgeries, no miracle cures, no over-the-top diet trends… just a solid understanding of what I needed to do to make a difference in my life and to change my relationship with myself.

I enrolled in Dan Miller’s coaching program to help others like me. I want to help people who have found a place in their life in which they want to make a sustainable, impactful and beneficial change for their future self and their families. I’m not finished and am proud to report that I am now living the healthiest I’ve ever been. I currently weigh 184 pounds, am off all heart-related medication and am now someone who focuses on health, wellness and the pursuit of growth.

My doctor literally said “WOW”, what did you do?

If you are ready to make a change, but aren’t sure where to start? Let’s talk. We can figure it out together. Let me be the person you can rely on to help you transform into a Happy, Healthy Human.

You have to start somewhere and someday. I’m ready, are you.