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Cellular health is the foundation of overall health, which is why the best labs and research institutions around the world are focused on it.

Cells need the coenzyme NAD+ to function. But NAD+  declines as we age.

So how exactly does NAD+ play such an important role?

In short, it’s a coenzyme or “helper” molecule, binding to other enzymes to help cause reactions on the molecular level that produce positive outcomes on the everyday health level.

NAD+ has two general sets of reactions in the human body.

Helping turn nutrients into energy as a key player in metabolism and working as a helper molecule for proteins that regulate other biological activity.

Basis is a clinically proven support product to increase NAD+ levels. The creators of Basis at Elysium conducted a first-in-humans study demonstrating clearly that Basis can increase NAD+ levels in the blood safely and sustainably.

The study, which was placebo-controlled, randomized, and double-blind, found that in participants taking the recommended does of Basis (250mg NR and 50mg pterostilbene), NAD+ levels increased from baseline in whole blood by an average of 40% at four weeks and maintained that increase for the duration of the trial.

Their scientific advisory board is a network of more than 25  world-renowned researchers and clinicians, including eight Nobel Prize-winning scientists, who guide the direction of their company.