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One of the best ways to support your body is to help fill in the micronutrient gaps that may be created from eating a modern diet. Even if you’re eating single-ingredient foods and leaving out processed foods and sugars, you may still have some micronutrient deficiencies.

Micronutrients are best described as essential elements that are required in small quantities throughout life to maintain health. Vitamins and minerals fall into this category. Some people will find great support from a multivitamin. But there may be a problem.

Many multivitamins use synthetic (man made) ingredients added to a filler. When we consume micronutrients this way, without the fiber, water, enzymes, and natural balance that nature intended, our body may not even recognize some of the good we are trying to give it. In some cases, out-of-balance nutrients may even be attacked as foreign invaders, over-stimulating the immune system. That’s not good at all! Maybe that’s why this study found no evidence that MOST one-a-day multivitamins increased overall longevity.

But all is good. Remember, I’ve got you covered. The best way to get a full array of additional micronutrient support, and close any gaps in your nutrition, is to take a whole food support product. That means, instead of being made of synthetics and fillers, the product is made from real food, in perfect natural balance.

While there are many whole food nutritional support supplements on the market, I’ve found that Garden of Life’s Vitamin Code has one of the best

  • Vitamin Code utilizes a dual probiotic cultivation process that emulates the growing process found in the plant kingdom
  • ​Nobel Prize-winning science inspired this process to “grow” food vitamins, similar to vegetables in the soil. Each individual nutrient is combined with a specific peptide that allows passage through the cell wall of two separate probiotics
  • ​These individually cultivated vitamins and minerals are called RAW Food-Created Nutrients™ and typically, they come with their unique Code Factors™ intact, which nourish the body as nature intended
  • ​RAW means these food vitamins are uncooked, untreated and unadulterated, delivered with probiotics and enzymes and absolutely no synthetic vitamins!

Remember, taking a micronutrient support product does not give you permission to eat just 
anything! It’s important to stick as closely as you can to the foods nature intended you to eat and use this to reduce any deficiencies.