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For millions of years, our ancestors relied on the power of community to keep them safe and fed. Since moving almost exclusively indoors we have drifted away from community involvement and instead rely on our immediately family, a handful (if you’re lucky) of friends, or, worse yet, just ourselves to get us through this short life.

From stress, sleep patterns, and exercise, to our daily food choices, most of us are out here flailing around on our own. We just keep falling into the latest fad diet, buying every supplement that comes across our social marketing feeds, and have nowhere and no-one to rely on to answer even our easiest health-related questions. And that needs to stop!

Our VIP Group Coaching has been created for this very reason.

Together we do better!

Together we go further!

Our community is filled with regular people just like you. Some need to lose weight. Some need to de-stress their lives. Others are looking to extend their health span. And others are actively engaged in building muscle or training for events. We welcome all into our community and will work together to help one another succeed.

I can’t believe I hit my 90-day goal in less than 45 days! This program works.” R.W.

I’ve never felt so empowered in my own health journey.” C.C.

I enrolled with my wife, went through the workbooks together, and together we are at our lowest weights since college. The power of this community is incredible.” D.B.

“I feel like I’m 20 years younger!” M.T.

Within 6 months I lost 69 pounds and my doctor took me off of 14 prescription medications. I had no idea it would be so easy.” J.J.

Together, we’ll discuss everything to do with being a happier, healthier person.


  • Stress
  • Community
  • Sleep
  • Hydration
  • Nutrition
  • Exercize
  • Hormetic Stress
  • Suppliments
  • Tracking Devices
  • Tools to Assist Your Journey
  • Goal Setting
  • Habit Formation
  • The Power of Thoughts
  • And Many More!

Here’s What’s Inside:

  • One-year membership and access to our exclusive Facebook group where we share successes, ask questions, post recipes and pictures of our foods, and challenge one another with various workouts.
  • The Happy Healthy Human 11-Workbook Series delivered to your email. For more information about these workbooks click here.
  • A LIVE twice-monthly Zoom call with Dan, specials guests, and other community members. Zoom meetings are recorded and posted in our Facebook group for those who can’t join us live.
  • A One-on-one LIVE coaching call with Dan each month for 3 months. Additional one-one-one coaching can also be arranged if required.
  • The Happy Healthy Human 30-page program guide. This is an abbreviated version of the full workbook series.
  • Access to Dan’s pre-recorded full 3-hour Happy Healthy Human presentation.

The goal is to learn together. Make small, easy, simple changes each week, and at the end of a year, realize that we are far healthier than we ever thought possible!

And how lucky are we to even have this discussion!! There are 7,700,000,000 (7.7 Billion) people on this planet and 48% of them don’t even have running water! They don’t get to choose! Eight million human beings, mostly children, starved to death on this planet last year! They didn’t get to choose!

We get to choose!

We’d like you on this journey with us, beside us, going together so we can all do more for one another.

About Dan Miller

Dan’s driving factor is his father

“My dad died at 56 years old… suffocated to death while I watched in the hospital,” he says.  “If I can save one person and stop them from dying like my dad did, that’s why I woke up today.”

Over the last nine years, Dan has brought his life-changing message of health and wellness to tens of thousands of business executives around the world…

After speaking to over 900 groups, Dan is ranked as one of the highest rated speakers for Vistage International and was voted Speaker of the Year by their members in 2018.

When asked if they would recommend Dan, 100% have answered “YES”!