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“Best health & wellness speaker i’ve ever seen!”

6 Secrets to a Happier, Healthier, Longer Life – Starting TODAY!

“Let me personally guide you through my PROVEN program for improving your health and happiness, step-by-step.”



Staying healthy is hard, I know.

As a professional speaker, I travel nearly 200 days a year speaking to groups of business executives around the globe.

And you know what?

Whether I’m in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, India, or Europe, the problems are the same.

So if you’re not as healthy as you want to be, it’s not your fault.  Together, we can fix it.

Let me show you how in my step-by-step signature presentation:


Quick backstory…

Over the last nine years, I’ve delivered this presentation hundreds of times around the world… mostly to groups of CEOs and business executives in closed-door, private settings.

It’s not cheap to be in the room, either.

Each member of the audience has paid thousands of dollars to hear me lay out my six proven strategies for health, wellness, and longevity.

Quite frankly, the feedback has been amazing…

“Your message really resonated…I lost over 30 lbs!”

Thanks again for such a great presentation at the Vistage International meeting in New Jersey last month.

Your healthy-eating message really resonated with me as I have now lost over 30 lbs in total. Majority by healthier eating – just elimination of all that sugar I used to devour.”

Richard V.
New York, NY

“Addressed all the facets of real-life”

I have never seen any well-being concept that addressed all the facets of real life as simply as your system does!

Tommy Y.
Dallas, TX

“In my top 3 presentations in over 11 years…”

Assuming the materials are of like excellence to the actual presentation and Q&A this is in my top 3 Vistage presentations in over 11 years as a member.

Vistage Member
Philadelphia, PA

“Potentially life-saving material!”

Dan’s material was clear, usable and important.  He was very professional and engaging with the group, good humor and potentially life saving material.

My members thought he was possibly the best speaker we have ever had.”

Bradford Roller – Vistage Member
Cleveland, OH

“Lean as I have been in 20 years!”

Your name is a fixture in my groups.  You made a profound impact.  Collectively we have lost at least 300 lbs.

Imagine how much lighter the earth is today because of you.  Honestly, barely a day goes by without me thinking of you.  I am as lean as I have been in 20 years.

And sex is amazing – thank you!”

Dan G.
Boston, MA

“I feel like I’m 20 years younger!”

I feel like I’m 20 years younger and I have lost 7 pounds in 5 days.

Mark T.
British Columbia, Canada

“Best I’ve ever seen!”

Best most comprehensive and easy to understand health and wellness speaker I’ve ever seen.  Deep knowledge based on facts not trends.

Truly remarkable.  Hands down the most impactful life changing Vistage speaker of all time!

Vistage Member
Philadelphia, PA

“A simple outline…very down to earth…compelling.”

He presents his ideas in a simple outline and expresses himself in a very down to earth, natural, yet compelling way.

He covers all the key actions we should be taking to lead a full and healthy life for as long as we possibly can.

Bill B.
Raleigh, NC

“Down 17lbs in 2 months…!”

The biggest impact has been on my nutrition.  I have changed my eating “thinking” and am following the plan.

I am down 17 lbs in two months as a direct result.   Feeling better and even feel a little clearer in my mind and thought process.

That’s very cool! I am forever grateful!”

Todd M. – President, TEC, Canada
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“I’ve dropped 15lbs – my energy levels are awesome!”

Fast forward to a month later…I just got my most recent blood-work back from my doctor.

Cholesterol is good, blood sugars were low, and my BP was 126/85.  I haven’t seen it in the 120’s in probably 10 years.

Most importantly, this feels sustainable to me.  It doesn’t feel forced or based in deprivation like previous efforts to get ‘healthy’.”

Chris K.
Ottowa, Ontario, Canada

“Lost 15lbs and am getting toned – fast!”

I’ve lost 15 pounds and have resumed my running and am getting toned – fast.

What you do MATTERS – a LOT!”

Terry B.
Fayetteville, AK

“Invaluable content”

An extraordinary speaker with invaluable content.  I would go watch it again the very next day, because it was so rich!

And he’s so dynamic, and yet very gracious.”

Vistage Member
Philadelphia, PA

Pretty amazing, huh?

So I came up with an idea:

Wouldn’t it be great if I could record one of my presentations and make it available for people to watch online?

That way a lot more people could access the same life-changing information, without having to travel, and without having to spend thousands of dollars to hear me speak live.

So that’s what I decided to do.

Recently I recorded one of my live, closed-door presentations, and I’ve arranged for YOU to get access to my entire talk.

Here’s What’s Inside:

  • The complete 2 hour, 51 minute video live recording
  • My complete 30-page Program Guide


How to Eliminate the #1 Enemy of Your Health

It’s almost impossible to overstate the negative effects that stress has on your health.

Studies show that 60 to 80 percent of primary care doctor visits are stress-related.

What conditions and symptoms does stress make worse?

All of them.  Stress wreaks havoc on every single part of your body.

Colds, sinus problems, asthma, bronchitis, ear infections, headaches… gastrointestinal problems, heart disease, skin breakouts, obesity… Alzheimer’s, diabetes, anxiety, depression, premature aging and premature death – all are stress-related.

In truth, if there’s one “magic pill” that will improve your physical and mental health, this is it.

I’ll show you how to turn off stress once and forever… starting today.

The Single Best Way to Boost Your Immune System

Sleep is vital for a healthy immune system.

Sleep has an amazing regenerative, recuperative, and restorative effect.

Lack of sleep causes moodiness, irritability, and impairs our natural ability to fight off sickness and disease.

But with glaring screens and 24/7 work schedules keeping us awake, Americans are getting less sleep than ever before.

More than 80 million American adults are chronically sleep deprived, which ultimately makes us fatter, sicker, sadder, stupider and less long-lived.

Power naps don’t solve the problem; nor do pharmaceuticals.

I’ll show you four simple ways to unlock your secret sleep superpower for longer, better, deeper sleep at night.

Each of them is free — and more effective than any pill, dietary supplement, or alternative remedy you can take.

Nutrition Made Simple

Confused about what you should be eating?

You’re not alone!

There’s a massive amount of information being published out there every day.

The problem is much of it is misleading, conflicting, or just plain false.

This week the experts tell you to eat eggs; next week they say eggs will kill you.

As it turns out the truth about nutrition is really simple.  You don’t need to read another magazine article or book about what you’re supposed to eat or not eat.

I’ll show you how nature will help you regulate calories, portions, and moderation so you can make the right food choices every time – and avoid the stuff that will really kill you.

You’ll never have to go on another diet, or worry about counting calories or controlling portion sizes again.

The Simple Truth About Exercise

One of the biggest myths in fitness is that if you count calories and exercise enough you will succeed.

Despite what you may have heard, you don’t need to go the gym or starve yourself to lose weight.

I’ll show you how to get all the exercise you need in less than 4 hours per week… without spending a penny.

In short, these are the ACTUAL step-by-step strategies that I personally use every day… and the same ones I’ve used to help thousands of ‘ordinary’ people make breakthroughs and reach new levels of health and fitness.

You can read more of their success stories below, but the bottom line is this:

If these people can do it, and I can do it, so can you.

It’s never too late to change your life forever.

About Dan Miller

Dan’s driving factor is his father

“My dad died at 56 years old… suffocated to death while I watched in the hospital,” he says.  “If I can save one person and stop them from dying like my dad did, that’s why I woke up today.”

Over the last nine years, Dan has brought his life-changing message of health and wellness to tens of thousands of business executives around the world…

After speaking to over 900 groups, Dan is ranked as one of the highest rated speakers for Vistage International and was voted Speaker of the Year by their members in 2018.

When asked if they would recommend Dan, 100% have answered “YES”!


“This is one of the best presentations I’ve attended. It was like a 3-hour TED talk. Excellent!”

“Dynamic presentation, full of real-life value…”

“Hands down the most imactful, life changing Vistage speaker of all time!”

“Extremely educational…relevant. Great presentation style and energy. Great job and thanks for all the insights!

“One of the best speakers we’ve had! Such interesting content…full of and passion!”

“The kind of speaker that you can’t walk away from…he keeps your full attention throughout his entire presentation!”

“The most important and exciting speaker we’ve had…would love to hear him again!”

“Excellent information that can be easily implemented into our daily lives. Have already begun utilizing Dan’s teachings for a healthier lifestyle.”

“Even though I feel like I know a lot about healthy living, I learned so much! And Dan’s guidelines for meals are spot-on!”

“Dan’s personality and self-depreciation make me want to take in all of his information, knowing he was coming from a place of authenticity.”

“Loved it! Very engaging and applied to every single person in the world. Life changing!”

“Excellent presentation and totally relevant information – not overwhelmed to implement it into my lifestyle.”

“Priceless, thought provoking information. Truly can be life changing!”

“Best speaker we’ve had in my 10 years as a Vistage member!”

If You’ve Tried Everything Else and Are Frustrated By the Lack of Permanent Results, Read On…

Like many guys, I’ve started and stopped many times… however, this time feels very different.

I’ve attended Vistage speakers for over 9 years now and have yet to “feel” this level of impact.  The timing was perfectly in-line with some ongoing self-talk I’ve had about the need to make some changes regarding my diet and exercise routine.

Like many guys, I’ve started and stopped many times… however, this time feels very different (I still can explain it).   I think the connection you made regarding a business “plan” to a nutrition and exercise “plan” was incredibly helpful.  As well as, the instant connection I had with my Dad dying way too young at 57 years old – I have 3 kids (16 boy, 13 girl and 4 girl) who won’t experience the kind of amazing person he was.

I heard once that there are “2 kinds of pain in life – the pain of discipline or the pain of regret” – I intend to live long and enjoy every day; to live stress-free and have the energy needed to love my wife (of 17 years) like crazy and to train up my kids to become great adults.

Shawn Haukaas

Member - Vistage International

I will never have to go on a diet again…

My wife and I will never have to go on a diet again and our children are learning proper eating habits that will last their lifetime.

I have recommended Dan to my family, friends, colleagues and corporate office.

Thanks for everything you have done for our entire family Dan!

Jon Haugen & Family

Personal Client

He meets us where we are…ordinary people like you and me.

While Dan is clearly an Ultra-Human himself, don’t fear, because he meets us where we are at with 6 factors for ordinary people like you and me to begin doing better at.

That’s part of what resonated so strongly with me, as my passion is cracking the code of agility for ordinary people to achieve extra-ordinary things. Dan goes way beyond helping enterprises of all shapes and sizes implement wellness programs which work, unlike many which don’t. Hear him speak whenever you can. You won’t regret it.

Mike Richardson

Keynote Speaker, Author, Executive Chair – Vistage International, Executive Client

I lost 20 pounds… several inches from my waist… feel much better…increased energy, eyesight, memory, and lower blood pressure.

I can’t say enough about the simplicity and power of Dan’s talk to my Executive Group.

I personally lost 20 pounds and several inches from my waist.  I feel so much better with increased energy, eyesight, memory, and lower blood pressure.

Dan delivered one of the best if not the best Vistage Speaker talks I have ever heard. I highly recommend Dan. You will not be disappointed!!!!!

Malcolm Brignac

Executive Chair – Vistage International, Personal Client

Great job presenting a complex subject in layman’s terms…easy to understand and follow.

Dan was very engaging with my Vistage Board.  He took the Members and guests through the various things they could do to improve their nutrition and health. There were specific action steps for them to take. He continued to answer questions during our lunch.

If you want a speaker on health and nutrition I would recommend Dan.  I was proud to present him with the Vistage Speaker Above and Beyond Award.  I thought Dan did a great job presenting a complex subject in layman’s terms that was easy to understand and follow.

Robert Vedral

Executive Chair – Vistage International

Everyone in the group took home at least one tidbit that they could implement to move the needle to a healthier lifestyle.

His talk was informative, enlightening, and entertaining.  Everyone in the group took home at least one tidbit that they could implement to move the needle to a healthier lifestyle.

Dan does not judge.  He offers simple effective solutions.  I encourage you to book Dan to speak to your organizations or companies. You will not be disappointed!

Jon Jennings

Executive Chair – Vistage International, Executive Client

Dan hit it out of the park… super engaged and sparked a total health focus.

I often measure a speaker’s success based on how much my members still talk about her/him the next month.

Dan hit it out of the park with my 3 groups.  He got all of them super engaged and sparked a total health focus that is lasting for a good month already.

His energy is great and we love the way he engages the groups.  I highly recommend you put him on your schedule!!

Niels Johnson-Lameijer

Executive Chair – Vistage International, Executive Client

Humble yet powerful… a terrific catalyst for successful and enduring life change.

Dan is one of the most compelling and engaging speakers I have experienced.  What separates him from the rest.

Dan is there for you, not himself – he is not selling, he is giving.  Dan is passionate and purposeful about his message, which is portrayed in a humble yet powerful way.

It is evident that his depth of knowledge, care and experience are the reasons why he is a terrific catalyst for successful and enduring life change.

Amy Brodsky

Founder – Sky Partners, Executive Chair - Vistage International, Executive Client

Tremendous energy boost. .. was a huge factor in increasing profits by 70%. The knowledge was priceless and the fire he sparked continues to motivate us today.

Since meeting Dan in February of 2014 things have changed so much for our business and in our personal lives as well.  We have a group of five that operate a small financial planning business and we hired Dan to coach/educate our group on health, wellness, and weight loss strategies.

Dan’s passion for health and wellness has transcended through our business and into the lives of our families and friends.  Dan’s wellness coaching resulted in a tremendous energy boost for all five of the team members.

This energy was a huge factor in the business increasing profits by 70% in 2014. The knowledge that we gained regarding nutrition was priceless and the fire he sparked continues to motivate all of us today.

Thanks Dan!!!

Jamie Frigstad

Wealth Advisor, Executive Client

It is about becoming a better person for your coworkers, your family and most importantly for yourself.

I believe that Dan’s approach has not only transformed my life but possibly saved it along the way.

The easy question to ask then is, “what product or quick trick does Dan possess?”  The answer is neither.  Fad diets simply do not work over a long time frame.  Dan is able to help you understand why it is important to not only train your body and fuel it with proper nutrition but to train your mind as well which doesn’t happen overnight.  He helps you create healthy habits that will last and improve the rest of your life!

I was not in the conventional sense sick or in a state of extreme unhealthiness when Dan met with my practice.  However, I certainly would have been if I had continued down the path I was headed.  With the knowledge and accountability Dan has shared and shown I continue to improve and I also see that improvement in the people I work with.

The bottom line is that you can go to a gym and hire a trainer that will meet you there three times a week and show you proper form but are they willing to take the extra step?

I know Dan is because he puts you first. It is about you and your health, not how deep your pockets are.  It is about becoming a better person for your coworkers, your family and most importantly for yourself.

Nick Wiedrich

Wealth Advisor, Executive Client

Like a beacon of light… if you have even a spark of desire to want to change your life, you won’t be able not to.

Dan Miller is like a beacon of light that absolutely blasts past all the garbage we trudge through in life.  I came across a few of Dan’s posts online at a time when it was hard to even get up in the morning, and his words raced through me like a fork in a toaster.

When my depression was it its worst, Dan’s posts and his genuine kindness and zest for life were like a lifeline for me; though we’d never even spoken.  He is such a positive life force and wants to bring everyone along for the ride.  Even without knowing or trying, his very essence kept me going.

When we finally got to have an actual conversation, I found one of the most knowledgeable, kind and absolutely vibrant human beings I’ve ever spoken to, one of those rare people that just makes you want to be your best, even if you don’t think you have a best.

In fact, if you have even a spark of desire to want to change your life, you won’t be able not to.  Talking with Dan is like having a conversation with some kind of doubt magnet that draws all your fears out kicking and screaming and forces them to be replaced by hopefulness and resolve, mixed with a belief that you HAVE TO get out and start living your life.

Shannon Webber

Personal Client

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