An 11-Week Course Designed to Educate, Motivate, and Inspire You to Take ACTION!


Let’s face it, it’s hard to be healthy in this country. We’re so busy that we don’t get enough sleep. We easily overeat because we’re surrounded by tasty food all day long. Our very existence within our community creates massive stress for most people that they spend all day trying to escape. We spend almost no time outside. We, as a society, drink way too much alcohol. And we hardly ever get enough movement in. All this and we wonder why it’s so hard to be healthy.

But what if we don’t have to give it all up and move back to the forest? What if we can just make small changes in a few things to get started. After all, it’s all connected. How we move is connected to how we slept last night and that’s connected to our stress levels which are all connected to what we ate last night and that’s all connected to whether we saw the sun at all yesterday! How about we just change one little thing each week until we see changes in the entire system? What if we make it simple!

And that’s exactly what we’re going to do, MAKE IT SIMPLE!

The Happy Healthy Human workbook series was created for this reason.

This 11-week course is designed to educate, motivate, inspire you to take action, and help you win your health and wellness journey.

Each fully interactive workbook contains an embedded video with Dan proving education and insight into the weekly topic, questions to answer, tools to assist you in your actions, and suggested reading and resources to help you explore the topic more deeply.

After you watch the video, simply engage with the content by answering the questions in the workbook, consider what tools may help you in your journey, pick up a few of the suggested reading titles to help you learn even more, and make a plan to take immediate action. It’s that simple.

Some people find it even more simple, and far easier, when they involve themselves in our online community and VIP Group Coaching. If that sounds like something you’d like, click here for more information.

A Personal Message From Dan:

Over the last 10 years I’ve guided thousands and thousands of people through a health and wellness journey that not only reminds them what they are and where they came from, but also what that means they have to be aware of when living in the inside instead of outside. I cover everything from how to eliminate stress, how to sleep better, the importance of water, what to consider eating and what foods will regulate calories for you, how to move, how your community support helps you or hurts you along the way, and the importance of being slightly uncomfortable on occasion to build resilience. I’ll also cover supplements, alcohol, smoking, and all of the other aspects that affect our health and wellness.

Dan is great and the information he delivers is simple, easy, and really works! I’m down 15 lbs. already and only on week 4.” S.T.

People at work are noticing my weight loss after only 5 weeks into this program. When I tell them how simple it’s been they can’t believe it. The proof is in my energy levels. This works.” G.W.

I’ve used these workbooks and this program for over a year. The weight has not come back! The results are permanent. Amazing.” T.Q.

I learned more in this workbook series than I did in the last two years of trying to educate myself on these subjects” J.M.


Workbook 1: Getting started with goal setting, mindset, commitment, a food plan, ,movement plan, and sleep plan.

Workbook 2: Stress, perspective, mindset, mental health and meditation.

Workbook 3: Sleep, patterns and cycles, and tracking devices.

Workbook 4: Water, hydration, caffeine, sugar, and water additives.

Workbook 5: The basics of nutrition and food.

Workbook 6: Advanced nutrition topics, feeding and fasting windows, macronutrient considerations.

Workbook 7: Exercise, movement, steps, and workouts.

Workbook 8: Becoming anti-fragile, hormesis, doing hard things, and the concept of growth equals pain.

Workbook 9: Mindset and a re-comittment to our health and goals.

Workbook 10: Supplements and additions to the program.

Workbook 11: Alcohol and addiction.

Here’s What You’ll Receive:

  • A new workbook each week for 11 weeks
  • Access to Dan’s pre-recorded 3-hour Happy Healthy Human Presentation